Thursday, 25 October 2012

school curiosity

school as been quiet a good journey where i try to learn everyday going by.however am curious in knowing about my college environment due that its not in america.well last week there was a topic discussed what exactly should be worn at school in terms of foot wear.this topic was brought out since one of the university's in Taiwan has mentioned that students there should not wear sandals of any type. This matter came across because some students in that university were sandals while taking there graduation photos. Well there is no right answer to this issue, as banning students from wearing sandals during class hours, but if it is for such a special occasion then this as to be taken students should know what to wear and remind themselves that they are in college . i believe that college there should not be any baby sitting. i say this because the very basic things have been taught during high school or junior institutes.then if colleges want to make it much easier and avoid such circumstances it is best to post in on their school policy.the last curiosity that has arisen is the way professors treat their students.there has been some occasions i have seen at college that students are treated at a high school level. there should not be any need to be embarrassing student among their fellow classmates.not sure if students in Asia or Taiwan especially are used to this learning environment. This could lead that students not concentrate well in class.i believe this creates a negative environment for other students trying to learn and even determines that the teachers lack etiquette .trying to have arguments with students is a very unprofessional way of communicating with students having a hard time understanding the teachers material. therefore the best thing is to have a meeting with that student giving the professor a hard time. then if the professor believes there is no time for such discussion he/she should write email or simply let the whole class know what exactly are the requirements for the homework.this avoids any argument among its students because college students are no longer at any secondary level to be baby sitting. i don't recall anytime in high school that a teacher has an argument with a particular students should know what criteria and put their effort in completing with their task.then the professor should not do any yelling in argument between a professor i do believe has a solution and the key is to communicate in a respectful way towards a student especially at a tertiary level.

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