Friday, 19 October 2012

food in taiwan

It has been very interesting to find a variety of food in Taiwan during my study period. on the above image you can see a famous dish from the country of Indonesia best known as "Satay".Satay is meat which is commonly known as barb Q in Belize, central america.Well satay is meat which is served with a sauce such as peanuts along with chilli. i strongly recommend this dish to friends or others that travel to Taiwan and around south east Asia. just found that i have 3 pictures of some more Indonesian style food. One of them is same as above Satay. the other two comprise of a chicken soup called "Soto Ayam" served with rice and the other is the typical curry rice . grasp a look all of them are great dishes stop by and try one if you are out in Indonesia or Taiwan.

ON the first image is the curry chicken is not same as the fast made in a box sold on the market.then on the second image is the satay and the chicken soup served in the 2 bowels.

just wanted to add a picture of how the BBQ  from Nigeria looks like. the image below on the foil is chili powder the meat in this case is beef. therefore the meat is covered with the sauce and then put on the small grill and cook it.

this small meat on the stick is Swaziland  style BBQ.It is unique since you can see it has the pieces of meat, sweet pepper and onion.

the most recent photo as viewed from how they really cook the BBQ in Indonesia.

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