Wednesday, 24 October 2012

what a surprise

Today minutes before my class ended was amazed to get a news article regarding the most popular foods in the world.i quickly clicked and opened the link.i was surprised to see several of the dishes were from south east Asia where am currently living.the first country ranking number one and two popular foods are Indonesia. Not being a person born in south east Asia, i have come to learn that this continent has good food to eat. They vary from different places. Some for example Thailand is  a country that is known for its spicy food , however if you really want hot chili I highly recommend Indonesia food. A few times i have been to some restaurants and have seen the amount of chili that is is really a lot and you must really be that type of person that likes spicy food.Thailand and Vietnam are not really that spicy compared to Indonesian food. I also have some experienced with the Vietnamese food. Once was invited to try some and there chili is more like sweet and sour.well its quiet interesting to have read and see that there are a lot of dishes from this continent. 

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