Saturday, 20 October 2012

As first time travelling to a new Continent where you are totally not familiar with what food to order and if its safe. Well fellows i have been amazed that Asia especially Taiwan is the kingdom to was the first thing i started to look for in order to survive in Taiwan.the above image shows one of the popular dishes in Taiwan known as "riwei" , this mainly consists of noodles, vegetables , meat and other seafood, take notice that it depends what you like to be in it. there is no limit as to what not to add. if its your first time then just try adding meat such as pork, beef, or some green leaves such as broccoli etc. Another tip is there are some option if you want to add soup or not, and if you come from Latin america don't panic there is some chili sauce as to add flavor .This food is found in small stores with a small stand , therefore its easy to spot as you walk down the streets.

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