Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A discovery
A comparison with the reggaeton music in Latin America. Just the other day I was playing some music on you tube and came across with a song that captured my attention.. This singer is from the country of Indonesia .the curiosity immediately lead me to ask a friend, then to my surprise I was told that this music is quiet like the reggaeton because of the way they dance and  the status of this singers are not very high. As I know the regeaton singers are usually young people trying to bring something new and achieve some fame .then after getting some explanations I can  say that was surprised to find out how there are some similarities with this Latin America music and this famous singer from Indonesia .one of the facts being told is that this singers are not from the developed area . they are coming from the country side.
the video below shows the dancing movement being compared with the reggaeton.

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