Monday, 22 October 2012

convenient shopping in Taiwan

The convenient shopping in Taiwan. There are 3 most convenient stores in Taiwan that I usually end up buying on a lazy day not wanting to walk faraway. Their names are 7-11, family mart and high life. These three stores have almost anything you can imagine, from drinks, food and even can pay your bills .this stores are 24 hours for anyone wanting to get a break from your room or simply stop by and withdraw some money from the Atm. Most of the times I end up here to grab a coffee. Other people in Taiwan even go to make small business with their friends. They seat there as long as tables are provided and discuss about their issues. Regarding precise numbers I am not very sure but, can point out that these stores are like almost in every corner. To me they seem as any McDonald or burger king restaurant in the U.S.A.The prices here are quiet affordable therefore don't panic. Therefore friends don't forget if you ever come to Taiwan check these convenient stores and you will then know that they have quite a lot of services because this is the stores I first went while arriving Taiwan, due that was not quite sure what was okay to eat. 

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