Sunday, 29 September 2013

lovers of indian food

It has been awhile and their has not been anything new .to be honest it has not been my first time to stop buy an Indian restaurant round my place.Now has been the third time since, i am student and not always carrying that much money hhhaa. Based on my observation this restaurants have about the same things on menu.So what might be a little change could be some of them have a more comfortable seats or others more decorations.My first time i tried was not all so good but the third time my favorite dish has become the rice ,which I'll show u below.The curry is okay but what i didn't like that is the same meat with the rice .Then seems it was a busy hour and the waitress could.t explain on how to basically eat their curry and the onions which left me perplexed . We also selected their snack and their famous tea. The snack is called Roti but is flour tortilla with melted butter at the top .That was not so special to me .

Indian rice

curry meal.

this is the Bbq 
Indian roti with butter 

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