Monday, 9 September 2013

A shift

    Its been a while i have been curious on exactly why so many Chinese people drink more soy milk and less cow milk.Next point is that i never had this on my table so not really brave to drink it. All my life i had 100% milk and dairy products.So it has come to mind that i really needed to read enough to be convinced for a slight shift to soymilk.OH wonder if this will really work while in Asia.Well made the first attempt yesterday and actually is a little difficult for the shift ,after i finished drinking it i felt i wanted pure milk .Therefore some good things i found will using the google search are as follows .Seems that for certain things soy milk is better than cow milk.the last consideration is we should not abuse of it and it be ok to drink.Then another huge problem would be allergy to soy ,so other than that lets see.






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