Friday, 13 September 2013

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Today I finally found the sample of Thai food menu.Not sure if you guys are familiar with food from that country.I used to have this thinking that it was not good and was afraid to taste. I would say its quiet familiar to Belize food or to spicy food from Latin America.Anyways I was able to snap some photos and there you can see.The only weird thing I dislike that they put Tofu on the side.Apart from that they also put cooked cabbage which has the taste from the common Taiwan buffet.
mostly chicken 

price is not that expensive 

the bottom pictures illustrates some of the soups 

snacks such as egg and some pancake or pie 

top 3 drinks that can be ordered 

Perhaps after seeing this photos and you end up in china and not sure what to eat remember Thai food is great based on my opinion .I don't really like much of its drinks since they are super sweet and if you have any problems with your glucose then i would not recommend .However they are okay if no health issues. 

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