Monday, 2 September 2013

summer south korea

Summer and students are out for some getaway from books and all the stress all semester long.Then where to head home or just try to explore a new place ,well before summer ends and i head back to college i wanted to see what South Korea is like.So i made a few days out in the capital city and see what it is like the food and people and places. Food is quiet good i enjoyed it except one dish that had raw egg. I am not a person that would expect a raw chicken egg on top of my rice. haha you could imagine my face.Other than that food is good = spicy and dont forget to have witth your BBQ some sochu hhhaha seems koreans like to drink alot that you can see it on their face .Usually red haha and they look sleepy while taking the subway.Then if you are to go some place i would say is quiet convenient just take what you feel comfortable or take bus if you are in some kind of budget or you want to travel like locals.Taxi service is great just needs money and they stop for you ,saw 3 types of taxi the most expensive with black mirrors , clear one mostly grey color seems to be the 2nd expensive then they have like orange color not bad either.some good places to head on are like royal tombs , the five palaces, N tower of seoul, Gagnam is good for dinning and shopping, Myeondong and if you are looking for some thrill rides head on to Lotte world.
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around the palace 
some japanese dish 

some cabbage with meat and spicy

spicy rice
spicy rice

breakfast looks like this 

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