Tuesday, 10 September 2013

lets find out

It has been a while that I started taking some online courses and took two classes about some basic Mandarin and got a review of some things about luck and bad luck. Before from past classmates of Taiwan i was told of this sort of stuff. So it happens now that I also found it on this basic class of mandarin and took some photos for you to see. It is quiet interesting to know that certain numbers are considered of great luck in Chinese culture. Also I once was looking for an apartment to rent and was told by another foreign friend that Chinese people avoid living on 4th floors .Take a look at the photos that I caught from my class and you will see that it is because there is a word in Chinese that means death. Hope this can help you as a tip.

This i thought might be good to share since Chinese people have this words and can be interpreted in the funny silly way.

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