Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Popular snacks in Taiwan

Feeling like writing something and i just thought of some candy gift box to take home.I would say their is more than just this two pictures i be sharing .However today I just have this so let me say something short.If it happens to be you around Taiwan and don't know what snack or sweet might not be found in your country then here i show you two of them.One of them is the pineapple cake .It is quiet popular within this country in Asia so i believe it would be nice or good to share with your friends back home.Basically is just a cookie or Biscuit with pineapple flavor.The other one is a hard candy which has peanuts .To be honest i cant recall seeing this in my country or in Guatemala.How i would describe this candy is hard and just let it slowly melt in your mouth as if chewing not the smart way.It will stick on your teeth and you would have to brush up. Anyways the box has quiet a lot so you can share among friends .That way they will know and try something different that a snickers bar.

Taiwan pineapple cake

Taiwan hard candy

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