Sunday, 12 May 2013

turn and look

HI  there do you know how a lunch in Taiwan looks. that is if you want to eat the local way and are on a

rush for instance have a class within 40 minutes and are a slow eater.Well there you have it it is usually

bought in either cartoon boxes or some plastic plate.the strangest things are some sort of tofu served with it i

mean u get rice and some piece of meat either fried or stewed you name it. so usually i don't like to buy and

sometimes they seem oily even i like fried chicken but has the fat and that makes it a bit to think twice and

just buy it from the buffet .since usually these boxes are already prepared so you just grab it on the go and

pay then go eat and class or work .however if it is your first time you might try and perhaps who knows you

could end up liking it.i have some pictures to show you what it looks like .so take a look and have fun

exploring .This lunch boxes are not very expensive so you might consider buying if it is the case of low budget or just try and get out of the curiosity. jjja

take a look of it and  this chicken is stew and at the far end you might get the glimpse of the weird things that they add as perhaps think of it as a small salad. 

this is the fried chicken  and at the very low end  is the rice just same thing with the above picture as was bought in same vendor .

yet another small lunch box .just simple i thought only poor people ate like this .

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