Monday, 13 May 2013

Fear Not

Just awhile ago was trying to find something to read while sipping a fruit juice and guess what.
Don’t be too shocked .it was one of those ordinary evening stopping to see what is going on and
Came across and an article of rat meat in china. Why do I point out this just that you may not fear?
The island of Taiwan as I did many times. I thought I would find this sort of thing over here and
The thing of eating worms but is way safe. So don't run up with this on your mind. They have
Some good places to eat so don't need to always end up in the night markets or the street
Vendors. The strangest thing I have found here on the city of Taipei is the snake corner which is
A snake corner. The temple is called “Longshan” feel free to take a look you don't need to try the
Snake blood or any organs.

this is the article going viral in china but must be okay in other areas you might visit.

then if you ever come to Taipei might want to go over the snake area and just take  a look there you have it .

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