Friday, 17 May 2013

good day

A day of stopping and try to explore what is around me.As to be sure was not craving or wanting anything sweet on a hot day but i ended up buying it. Is just simply a candy that is found in Belize .It has been awhile i have been around Asia so not really worried in wanting something sweet for a small snack after my lunch hhhaa!  It just happened accidentally that i ran out into this mini market and ended buying the sweet and sour Tamarind candy. I thought it might taste similar to the country of Belize so there i have it.
this candy looks quiet different .I had seen the big rounded one but not a tiny as this on the picture below.this one is sold in a much bigger bag, so basically the price is a little high.My opinion after just trying one is that is is not the same taste .it has more sugar than the tamarind sold in Belize.

this is the small bag of tamarind in the market.

this image i got from google just to make a comparison of how it looks .
this is more delicious as i remember ,has less sugar and more of the tamarind sour flavor.

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