Wednesday, 24 April 2013

a stop over

It’s been a few weeks I tired some new food. What is it and 

where was it. Okay well sometimes just get tired of eating the 

same lunch or food, so there we go it was a glimpse of Brazilian 

food in Taiwan’s have never had any of this food so what are my 

feelings is that it looks and tastes like some typical Belizean 

beef soup which is referred as caldo de rez .As you can see on 

the picture it consists of beef meat, some sort of curry along 

with potatoes. Then on the side it has raw carrots, peas and 

white rice. The uncooked carrots along with the uncooked peas is 

what makes it a difference but am not exactly sure if it’s done 

to adapt to the culture in Taiwan.Overall it is of good taste so if you are around Taiwan you can go there and try it .

below is the Facebook page to get the address in case you might be interested

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