Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Chinese food, another new taste had heard about this by some of my friends but never thought I might sort have like it. This small kind of snack or appetizer I was introduced by my friend is called xialongbao[ 小笼].One might think this can’t satisfy your hunger I would say five of this little buns are enough .moving on what is inside of this bun, simply pork meat a mixed of veggies with it. On the outside usually chilly to give some good flavor. Before eating them was told they are cooked by steam in some basket. Then whenever you order it is usually by the basket. It is good to take a look from the Google image which I am providing the link.then also note there is a link from wikipedia further explaining about this buns in Chinese cuisine .
this is the xialongbao photo taken by me.
this is yet another image to demonstrate the Chinese bun. Same as above however this is more of the Chinese taste as inside it has some juicy meat flavor. not that bad guys.the outer layer is flour taste so no bad smell just sort of sticky and you just have to be careful while trying to bite and a warning tip don't let the water or juicy meat flavor fall out into your plate.that is the best part of it.Then be sure to grab some soy sauce and a sweet chili which is usually on the table or just ask the waitress for it.i don't like soy sauce so i just prefer the sweet chili.

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