Sunday, 24 March 2013

Vietnam food

Vietnam food in Taiwan
A quick look at a Vietnamese food. Actually this seems more like a snack however for females probably two of this roles are enough. The name of this is GOI CUON TOM THI. Exactly what is inside, shrimp, herbs, some kind of noodle, lettuce and it also comes with some peanuts, and then is served in a small bowl with a chili sauce. All of the ingredients that I mentioned are wrapped with rice paper .there is no bad taste except there was one herb which I considered as bush in belize,however it is eatable in Vietnam cuisine .I simply don't like this herb because it tastes bitter. Let me now show you a picture of it and then you might want to try.There are other foods among such as something called PHO(mainly it is a soup ).

this is a quick snap of the menu. 

the soup called PHO.

This is more of a salad.

some other 2 dishes. they both have noodles .the first one is not that obvious but it is some white noodle that is eaten with that soup and pork meat.

more pictures of Vietnam food

some kind of seafood salad

spicy fish soup 

the mix of meat and seafood for hotpot[soup]

more fish soup but is in soup along with some pieces of pineapple.

creamy sort of pork with some green leaves.

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