Tuesday, 12 March 2013

an encounter

An encounter with tofu
A quick note to what is tofu and as you may know there are many types. Well tofu is made of soy bean never had the experience to actually see the process of cooking it but it might stink if you are not used to it. It is made of bean by coagulating the soy juice and somehow they press and will come out with the shape. Exactly how it tastes when u bite, not stinky, it feels like some sort of chicken skin .the sauce tastes a bit sour, perhaps this might be the smell that foreigners might smell out in night markets.therfore if you are still in curiosity of not believing me about the taste it is worth trying and then you might find your own feelings .and below you can see the picture of the kind I tried and if not yet convinced of only trying one then read the Wikipedia link below and can try as much .


GUYS just an update that could encourage you to eat some tofu.
this was a video that was shared and i just got a little awake of trying to eat tofu.
nothing to be too scared as shown in the clip.it seems to be quiet useful in that it shows how exactly it is made.well good luck and lets have fun and try some tofu.


Today is the next encounter with TOFU or bean curd .Was just eating some dumplings and my friend told me lets try some bean curd and i was what no way i dont want .Even i try my best to be brave and eat this i find out i am still somewhere that i cant accept it. As i said before no bad smell but i simply don't like it jaja i became afraid today. let me now show you the bean curd that i tried looks like cheese so when you put in your mouth try to think of that creamy 100% cheese. Then you should be okay and don't forget to eat it with some red chili sauce.

Look at eat this one comes out with some kind of black egg which i don't eat .However many of my friends like it .When it is in your mouth looks like a greenish look so its sort of black but is a good Dessert. 

Not much on the go but its time to share the fried tofu picture and some soup with tofu.

soup with white tofu .

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