Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Well by now you may all know that Chinese people use the chopsticks to eat .They come in all colors and are made of various materials such as bamboo, ivory, wood, metal, jade, to name a few used to think that all over this countries in Asia they use chopsticks but find out I was wrong mostly the countries of Japan, china, Korea and Vietnam are the ones mostly using it. It can be seen in Thailand but not as much as those other countries with a high population of Chinese was also able to find out that there are few etiquette tips in this countries  such as the way you grab the sticks, don’t tap your chopsticks on your bowl, don't point your resting sticks towards others seated at the table, never use your chopsticks upside down, don't dip chopsticks in the soup bowl to get the contents from inside and there are many other things that you can learn from this below link since Japanese Chinese and Taiwanese might share a little similarities when it comes to table manners for chopsticks. Hope this can help you whenever you make a trip or are invited to a Chinese family for dinning.

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