Friday, 2 August 2013

On the way

    I wonder what do you guys drink for breakfast.Any local drink from your country that you would like to share? Seems in many Latin countries they drink coffee and others are turning to Milo or Ovaltine. However i used to drink water cause i didn't liked coffee that much since teabags weren't that popular.Mostly it were some people with some disease and had to go on low calories of caffeine so they would switched to tea.Now i am in a different part of the world so tea is not so strange but no soda's are sold haha i remember even drinking coke or orange Fanta in the morning ,how ridiculous.Several times i go out and get some breakfast i observed that the 2 most popular drinks are black tea or milk tea.Actually i felt very afraid to drink it at first since i am afraid of my teeth changes yellowish color .So this milk tea seems so popular here that i can't really drink gives me some kind of reaction to my belly that seems like it doesn't accept me.Not so sure if its the amount of sugar or simply the kind of milk they use .I am trying to overcome but not so sure how exactly i can .Other doubts i have about this is i have heard is not healthy makes you feel heavy ,well at least when i drink it. The other so popular milk tea is that one with bubbles .I yet haven't figure out what are those bubbles made of but just try it i dont like to eat those .The texture is like Papaya seeds. 
Anyways let me give you the picture of this bubble tea that you mind want to try and perhaps end up liking it. 

this is the picture i got from google and is the same sold at the tea shops and night markets.

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