Saturday, 10 August 2013


    Tokyo an amazing city , have a late flight and want to reach your hotel , that is no problem just ask at the information desk upon arrival.they will provide you with the latest information in a few minutes .As i learned depending the area  your hotel is then just provide the information and then you can decide whether you want to to take taxi .However taxi is a bit expensive so perhaps you can take monorail or simply take the limousine from airport to the nearest train station and you will save some bucks. As night the fare is adjusted from 300 Japanese Yuan .But if you don't mind paying a few more = 10,000 Yuan then take taxi. For me i just took airport Limousine to my closest train station which was less than 2000. then the train is just in front of me so that was great plus my hotel was not far so i paid less than 3000 .then if you feel lost just ask the train staff and they will help you and you will get your destination  just follow your map . food there is not same as you already might know Tokyo is quiet expensive so dont worry you can try there ramen's ,sushi , some salads and i dont know what all i ate hhhaa they have rice with some kind of beef , pork which i don't know the name i forgot i just tried eating. So overall Tokyo has many places to eat even small bakeries ,Starbucks, and even Indian ,Italian food ,Chinese food, Taiwan food,Korean anyways there is plenty to try .several bars to enjoy the evening and clubs but unfortunately i didnt go in the bars cus i don't like drinking.Wanting to shop yes there is also most recommended place is Ginza ,an area of high class shopping many global brands on this area , my other favorite area was Shinjuku which also has many brands for shopping like uniqlo and you name it all.the electric street is here , government buildings so is quiet busy area and is crowded at night .Sightseeing other than disney head on to museums you might want to check the list such as Edo , a popular shrine is Meiji, easy to get there and has shopping area after a long walk. The East imperial garden is also nice place but cant get into the emperors building as is highly secured.Nearby you can head on to Mitsubishi museum, and can also head on to eat around the Marunouchi building .The tokyo station is also good for photos since the building is very unique.Looking for more head on to the mega car show for toyota, just need License and you can test drive the cars so be sure to check latest information about its rules. Not so far from that building is also their museum displaying its history and you can take photos of all the old cars.I guess Tokyo is a great place to go and have some fun and if this places sound boring to you then find what you like as i also saw the tokyo tower and is ugly during the day so is not really worth seeing , also has the skytree just a building also which is good to see at night as well as the rainbow bridge. Get it started and have fun.

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