Thursday, 15 August 2013


I have been writing throughout my blog about Taiwan but was not yet concentrated if it is really a good place to see.Since i mostly write about its food. So today i thought of giving you guys a rundown of where to enjoy apart from its iconic building the Taipei 101. If you head out of the city and see the Sunmoon lake be a magnificent place especially if you love photography nearby is a small water park and is fun has some good thrill rides well only 2 of them made me fun .other places if you are really onto food is go to the southern city of Tainan which you might enjoy but if you run out of time then just go to the night markets in Taipei city and should be alright.Then if you prefer to stay in the city via metro you can head to the Yamingshan (mountain name) Wulai is also a good place to take photos you can have fun there watching some aboriginal  performance .There is also plenty of museums so ask your hotel for the special exhibitions many people recommend the national palace museum which you can only take photos outside, or if you want to stick out then head on to Tamshui where you can do bike riding and also eat around and seat on its cafe and wait for the sunset.Or why not take a whole half day around the Chiang kai shek memorial hall and you can also go to the Sun yatsen memorial hall which is similar in architecture just a different person. then more to the north is the park called Yeliou takes awhile to get there bus is much better since afterwards you have to walk ,so if taking train you still need to pay another bus fare to get to the road that leads you to the park. I think these are some quick places to go even Taiwan doesn't depend on tourism you can also enjoy places.

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