Wednesday, 31 July 2013

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Today lets take a break from all the random food around me.Lets head on to the country of Belize in Central America. Since not much to do there and you mind be wondering of any special event not to miss.
The most enjoyable events are the Costa Maya in Ambergris Caye.this event is full of night celebrations with several contestants from the Latin American Countries which is known as Mundo Maya.Another good event you might want to see is the Carnaval Fiesta (party).It is similar to the carnaval in Brazil.It takes place around February .Just before the Easter break in Belize.Lastly another popular event in San Pedro is the Lobster festival.All of this three events are for you to enjoy and have some fun in Belize.So if you are not into much of nature head on to this island and have some fun there.

the Above source is for this 3 major events.

this is a mini look of the costa maya fesival.

this other source is about what takes place for the lobster festival in Belize.

There are other things you can enjoy as the Maya Ruins but is not on the coastal area head on to the District of Cayo and you can see this temples if you want to refer .

if there is a lack of information it is easy to get as this Nation is small and you can find out from other


Anyone of you have any interest in seeing some belize food here you go.
this videos will show you some of its foods.

the Chimole in this video shows that it is eaten with corn tortillas but some families also like to have plain white rice .

another interesting bread is shown below however in the video is not coming from Belize but is made in the same way due that it was introduced by the Creole people in the country.

Lastly you can see a short introduction of Belize cuisine .

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