Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Hola Diario, just a quick note .

Been travelling for few days with some girls from Asia .Not many times i have encountered this culture

problem when i sit at a table and is all quiet. Quiet at a  table when dinning has been very weird to me as i

have always been used to chat with other companions or my family. It seemed that some prayer is going on

haha like when i had to attend service mass on Sunday's  and i know i should speak in a very low voice if i

have some question about the hymns or else i should just sing or shut my mouth.

 Perhaps someone can explain to me how i can overcome such a difference since i am not from Asia .I still

cant explain or totally understand how a girl cant know what to ask with same gender. The only way that i

tried to see if they want share something is i ask a question but then i dont want to feel as an interrogative

person hhaa so just for you to know and not be shocked when this happens to you .

other things about this Asian culture might come sometime soon.

Next few things i can recall about being weird to me is guys walking with the girl's purse on night markets or

even on train.Sometimes her bag ain't heavy and the guy walks with it.It be okay if its heavy to be polite and

take it but other than that it seems strange.Another tip is while dinning sometimes Taiwanese want to share

 from same pot which doesn't seems that clean to myself as to say that i don't really know the person .So i

don't see the point of sharing,as whenever i eat soup i am served in one bowl and that is meant for

me.Thirdly might be whenever you buy a different tea and they want to try it, this happened to me and i just

gave away my drink as i am not really acquainted with the person. Then i almost forgot to mentioned that

whenever you eating soup be aware that someone might slurp , which in my culture is considered dirty like a

pig eating .This can be noisy so just don't panic is quiet normal in this part of the world.okay i tell you some more shortly .

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