Friday, 12 July 2013

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Not much about cuisine this days as a typhoon coming around this area of the world.
just browsing into my photo album found out that i had not shared with you guys two of my past trying off yummy food around my area. the first picture is more of Middle Eastern food .they have the bread which is called Pita .First time i tried and was good .Along with it there was some beef like Moroccan style if i am not wrong .This i can say was not a bad day for dinner went excellent.The second image demonstrates the Iranian chicken style perhaps it may not be authentic since the chef is not from Iran but worth trying it.On the side you can see a small teapot or kettle that contains a fruity tea which was somehow red ,not bad either.


special chicken

tea kettle

Then the next image is about South African style food.Actually i haven't read much about what is South African food.Since this small meat cake or sorry i almost forgot the exact name it is called Pie , i have seen in my country and some Spanish guy cooks it and is the same way as the picture i got.What is inside is meat and onion just like how our mothers would spiced up the meat with some black pepper etc then it looks like it is baked.It was quiet okay to me i tried the beef flavor .the meat was similar to Latin style ,hhaa so i was happy it had no Chinese style even though the cook is Chinese lady.

this image displays the flavors and the prices so you might want to take a look .It also tells you the flavor and then you might know which is okay for yourself .

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