Sunday, 23 June 2013

tip for the day

Some interesting things that tourist or any foreigner might want to know while being in Taiwan.just a quick summary of the things I found out and some I have seen , one is umbrellas are always along by a Taiwan person, one could be unpredictable rain showers other is protect from sun. Not all Taiwan person reply emails, this has happened to me while trying to contact two professors. They never replied. Profile on Facebook might look funny. Moving on is your behavior should be watched or media is looking at you, that is cameras are all over .next tip that I have observed don’t feel weird if people stare at you. Another interesting thing would be more than two people on a scooter so don't be shocked .People on this part of the world love dogs and cats. So if you will be seeing many of them holding and taking good care of their dogs, so few babies here ha-ha. Don't panic friends. Okay for other things check the link below and learn other things that I didn't mentioned.

The plan

Looking for the best in Hong kong. Hong Kong is a small 

island country about and hour from Taiwan via air. Anyone 

of you having an interest in going there be it for getting 

a glimpse of it. Then let me say due to my travel recently 

to this place not much of attractions as in cultural , 

seems more of a modern city with various shopping malls. 

Therefore if you are into shopping I recommend you this 

place .the best place to shop for the best brands go to 

time-square. There you will find many brands of clothing 

if you want some souvenirs head on to the station of Mong 

kok , on this area you can find some souvenirs. Actually 

not much of souvenirs there but just a few but the price 

is reasonable. The other spot I went shopping was around 

Causeway Bay .Guessing is enough for shopping now let me 

mention some place to have fun other than their Disney 

land park, there is the place to see the big Buddha statue 

called Po Lin Monastery. At this place you can get a great 

view of the city since you take the cable car to get to 

the Big Buddah.The peak tram is a good place to capture 

that good sunset picture , simply a train takes you up and 

you see the island and you can also buy the ticket to see 

Madam Tussaud's .The ticket is not cheap but if you are 

into viewing this Hollywood stuff then there you got it. A 

tip if you are planning to head there is Don't go there 

too late as it gets very crowded and you will have to wait 

1 to 2 hours . Other spot to get the view of the stars or 

see a small concert and the harbor is the Avenue of Stars. 

It is quiet nice since you see the different colors of 

lights shinning from the other end of the island and the 

night cruises. This place gets extremely crowded so flock 

there early to get the best video shot of this extra 

ordinary place. After the light show is over you might 

want to walk and see the stars of HongKong. Lastly you 

might want to visit the history museum . Other things 

about transportation is that if you are trying to go the 

local way don't get frustrated that when buying the tickets 

for trains , no counter help except for changing 

coins.Sorry but you are on your own to buy on the machines 

so study the map and just be sure to always have those 10 

dollar coins. moving on is to say there you can buy the 

card as locals, I didn't really understand why but just 

keep out of the stress or else take the Cab but is a little expensive.

This is it for now and see what else you want to know then 

drop the message .

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