Sunday, 16 June 2013

get real

where to start, one thing bothering sometimes .Is going to pick a small meal trying to eat just to feed the brain after reading some boring notes at so happens , the college has on campus restaurant ,sounds convenient .one thing take a look are you one of those person's afraid of getting sick or the sort of thing while you are in a new country or unfamiliar place .this place should not be much of a headache to me whenever i want to eat like locals.Since i can save few bucks and not eat western so happens to me that i yet don't understand how can a place at least the education institution cant take any serious measure about healthy food . here you have it i wont right more details as the truth is food here is sold like this especially vegetables , in this case cabbage look at the photo and you will know my meaning.

looks like some insect was eating this .

can see the black holes 

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