Tuesday, 4 December 2012

just a tip

A shared room
Just a tip for western girls who might want to ever share rooms with Asia girls’ .this is just based on my thoughts it might not take you much for some of you to get use to this different culture in Taiwan. Let me begin by saying that I have heard that Latin people tend to be loud but whoa don't be fooled that Chinese girls are not loud. They are mostly quiet during lectures but when meeting or discussing with their friends can be annoying. Another case is when you might want to share room with them like for example staying at boarding schools or for your first semester at college at its dorm. Bear in mind that you will have to cooperate with the loud voice in your rooms. You might say I would post some rules on the door for em to see, that might not be successful. Not sure what happens to them that despite they can read English they ignore such things. At most they are ages up to 21 and don't really behave like grownups . This might be that they spend most of their time at home or they think they are away from home and can do whatsoever or why not I don’t have the exact answer. However I have seen such cases at college that sometimes they ignore or pretend that there are other people staying in the same room and speak loud as an empty barrel .this sounds quiet rude for such a grown up person that ignores this things especially at a tertiary level. Other things that you might have to cooperate are that not all of em knows how to keep the room clean, make a group gathering without letting you know, play games and some forget their duty schedule. Well just wanted to share with some of you that might be interested in an exchange study program in Taiwan R.O.C. . Then by the time you come you won’t be having that much of a surprise.

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